Who am I?

Hello I’m Nobody.


Literally I’m nobody.  I don’t say this from a perspective of negativity or deprecation.  I say it from the perspective that I’m just an average person.  I’m not famous, I’m not a trained artist, I’m not a CEO of a company, etc.  There are many things I am, such as a parent, a mentor, a friend, a companion, a dedicated worker, a life learner and more.  So, if I’m nobody why am I writing this?  Well imagine a world where  learnings and experiences weren’t shared.  Think about how much would be lost if people weren’t courageous enough to share those learnings and experience.  So, that is why I am doing this.

This is my journey with art.  Like I said, I’m not a trained artist.  In fact I don’t even see myself as an artist.  Usually I just describe myself as someone that is “better than the average bear” at drawing and painting.  (By the way, for those not familiar with that quote you need to watch some Yogi Bear cartoons and yes, I know his quote is “smarter than the average bear” still similar concept - LOL).

I suppose my art journey started when I was young, if stick figures count.  Actually 2013 is what I consider as the start of my art journey.  My daughter and I went to a learn-to-paint type event and it just stuck with me.  I’ve been painting with heavy body acrylic paints since.  I can honestly say that I’ve found that something that doesn’t feel like ‘work’, that is peaceful, and allows me to just be.  Through this journey, I’ve come to figure out many things around painting with acrylic and just want to share them.  They may or may not be of value to others; that’s for you to decide.